What if the property doesn't have a tenant temporarily?

Some of Sabai Property's properties come with a guarantee from the developer. If this guarantee is in place, investors will receive payments regardless of the presence of a tenant. Details about the guarantee are specified in the property's profile.

What if the property sustains significant damage?

All Sabai Property's properties are insured. Therefore, in the event of damage, the insurance company will cover all expenses.

What happens if the property's value decreases?

Real estate is one of the most conservative and stable assets globally. Even during crises, its price typically adjusts only slightly. Although the risk of a decrease in value can never be completely ruled out, there are currently no significant indications that the Phuket real estate market will enter a downward trend.

What if I lose my property tokens or they get stolen?

In such a case, the Sabai Property support team will conduct a thorough investigation to eliminate the possibility of misconduct. Afterward, the tokens will be returned to their rightful owner.

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