3️⃣Step 3: Buy real estate tokens

Now, after successfully completing the previous steps, you can invest through Sabai Property.

First of all, make sure that your KYC status is correctly displayed in Sabai Property. To do this, go to the "My Property" section. If the status on the page shows "Need to pass KYC," click on this label.

You will be redirected to the verification page, where you need to click "I have already completed KYC."

After that, the page will indicate that you have successfully passed KYC.

Now return to the "My Property" section. The status "Need to pass KYC" will change to "Need to be whitelisted." Click on this label to start the process of adding your wallet to the WhiteList. After this, the status will change to "Pending (5 minutes)." Wait for the status to update to "Whitelisted."

In the "My Property" section, explore the offered properties. Choose the one you are interested in and click the "Buy now" button next to it.

You can also click on the property's name to get more detailed information about its description, features, and documentation.

After that, you will be redirected to the purchase interface. Select the quantity of tokens you want to purchase and click "Next."

Note! The purchase is made in USDT on the Polygon network, which should be in your MetaMask wallet. You will also need MATIC tokens to pay for the Polygon network. If you don't have USDT and MATIC yet, you can use our guide to purchase them.

Click "Approve" and follow the MetaMask instructions. Then click "Buy" and also follow the MetaMask instructions.

Congratulations! You have successfully bought your first token for one of Sabai Property's properties. It will soon arrive in your MetaMask wallet!

IMPORTANT! In order for real estate tokens to appear in your wallet, you should connect token auto-detection in your MetaMask (if you haven't already done so), allowing all new tokens received in your wallet to display immediately. To enable this, go to Settings and navigate to "Security & privacy". Then, turn on the "Autodetect tokens" feature.

Now the tokens for this property will be displayed in your MetaMask wallet. Once the transaction is processed by the blockchain, the tokens you purchased will be credited to your wallet.

You can also view your investments in the "My Property" section. The quantity of your tokens and their total issuance will be displayed next to each property. In "Your asset valuation," you will see their total value.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed this process and discovered the world of investing in income-generating tokenized real estate.

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