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Where can I find the list of available properties?

You can view the list of available properties on the Sabai Property website in the "Market" section or in your Sabai ID account under the "My Property" section.

What is the expected return on investment?

The return on investment depends on the investment format:

  1. Guaranteed income of 5-7%, paid by the developer regardless of property occupancy.

  2. Projected rental yield of 8-12% during periods when the property is leased.

  3. Projected profit from resale — 5-18% for investments made during construction or during operation.

Which blockchain hosts the property tokens?

Sabai Property tokens are on the Polygon blockchain, providing high security and transaction speed with low commission costs.

Does Sabai Property have AML protection?

Yes, Sabai Property has implemented an AML protection system. This is necessary to ensure the safety of our users and operate within the legal framework.

Is KYC (Know Your Customer) required to start investing with Sabai Property?

Yes, to start investing with Sabai Property, you need to undergo KYC (Know Your Customer). KYC is the process of collecting users' personal data and verifying their identity. This procedure is necessary to ensure user safety and compliance with legal norms on the platform.

Where are Sabai Property's properties located?

Currently, Sabai Property operates with properties on the island of Phuket. However, in the future, you will be able to purchase resort properties through Sabai Property worldwide!

How to view real estate before buying and ensure that it is legitimate?

All legal information about each property is presented in the information card, which you can thoroughly study if desired. The property card provides a direct link to the developer and the residential complex where the property is located.

It also includes links to the property's pages on Booking and Airbnb (if the property is for rent). Additionally, you can visit Phuket in person to view the property, requesting assistance from a manager in this matter.

Are payments subject to taxes?

Sabai Property does not act as a tax agent, so each user independently determines the amount of taxes, deadlines, and the procedure for payment based on their jurisdiction and other factors.

What is Total Investment Value?

Total Investment Value is the total cost of the property, including not only its cost but also incidental expenses, such as registration tax and advance fees for DAO LLC.

What is Projected Total Income?

Projected Total Income is the overall projected return from the property, consisting of Projected Rental Income and Projected Appreciation.

What is Annual gross income?

Annual gross income is the developer's budget for guaranteed payments.

What is Rental Income?

Rental Income is the annual rental income from the property.

What is Annual cash flow?

Annual cash flow is the annual revenue from the property.

What is Monthly cash flow?

Monthly cash flow is the monthly revenue from the property.

Who manages Sabai Property properties?

Property management is handled by companies listed in the "Partners" section of the property card. Each management company working with our properties has extensive experience in this field. Entrusting properties to professional management allows for high returns and achieving targeted profitability indicators.

Are there countries whose citizens cannot invest through Sabai Property?

Yes, citizens of the USA and Canada have restrictions on investing through Sabai Property.

Is the real estate on Sabai Property from the primary market or the secondary market as well?

Sabai Property presents properties from both the primary and secondary markets. This enables investors to monitor a larger number of properties and increases the likelihood of finding lucrative real estate for acquisition.

How is the token price determined?

The token price is not regulated by Sabai Property and is solely determined by supply and demand. However, the platform provides a recommended token price based on the latest evaluation by an independent specialist engaged for each property.

Will there be an option for property owners and developers to tokenize their real estate?

Yes, in the 3rd to 4th quarter of 2024, Sabai Property will introduce the option to tokenize one's own real estate on the platform.

Is there seasonality in real estate investments?

Yes, in Phuket, the high season extends from November to March. Accordingly, during this period, real estate tends to generate higher profits.

What payment options are available when purchasing real estate tokens?
  1. Cryptocurrency.

  2. Visa/MasterCard (available from the end of February 2024).

  3. Cash for investors physically present in Phuket (with a conversion fee to cryptocurrency), as well as other payment systems and partner services available in Thailand.

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